Legislative Advocacy

Man and woman

As a part of its efforts to effect broader and sustainable improvements in long-term care, the Ombudsman Program analyzes, comments on, and monitors laws, regulation, and other policy that affects the well-being and rights of long-term care recipients. Priority issues include the following:

  • Supporting legislation and policy that promotes culture change in long-term care;
  • Improving the stability of the long-term care workforce to help ensure adequate numbers of well-trained staff to competently, responsibly and respectfully care for seniors receiving long-term care;
  • Supporting opportunities for choice among alternative long-term care settings, enabling seniors to maximize independence and autonomy and dignity;
  • Ensuring strong and consistent enforcement of standards and regulations for long-term care; and
  • Creating positive incentives for long-term care providers to implement culture change to bring about truly resident-directed care in a homelike environment - changes that make long-term care facilities truly good places to live, as well as good places to work.

For more specific information on legislation of interest to long term care recipients on the national and state levels, visit the following websites: