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Nursing Homes

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Assisted Living Facilities

As a Resident of an Assisted Living Facility in Virginia, you have certain rights guaranteed to you by law. A person living in a long-term care facility maintains the same rights as an individual in the larger community.

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Home Care

Home Care recipients in Virginia have specific rights, please review the document available below to learn about those rights.


Hospice care recipients in Virginia have specific rights, please review the document available below in order to familiarize yourself with these rights.

Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care recipients in Virginia have specific rights, please review the document available below to learn about those rights.

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Where to File a Complaint

You have several options in having your complaint handled by other agencies:

Other Options for Handling Certain Complaints:

  • Department of Health Professions handles complaints against a specific licensed or certified health professional such as a facility administrator, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, social worker, certified nursing assistant (CNA), or other health professional that must be licensed. Telephone: 800-533-1560.
  • Senior Medicare Patrol handles reports of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse. Telephone: 800-938-8885.
  • Office of the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigates reports of suspected fraud by a Medicaid Provider. Telephone: 800-371-0824.
  • The local Police handle reports of criminal activities including sexual abuse. See your telephone directory for the local number.
  • Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services (DBHDS) – Office of Human Rights handles complaints about treatment or services received at one of the facilities licensed by DBHDS. File a complaint with the Human Rights Advocate at the facility where the resident or patient is receiving treatment or contact the central office at 804-786-2008.
  • KEPRO is contracted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to be the Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization (BFCC-QIO) to handle complaints regarding services paid for by Medicare, discharge appeals and immediate advocacy. Virginia is in Region 2 and the KEPRO contact number for Medicare beneficiaries is 1-844-455-8708.
  • disAbility Law Center of Virginia handles complaints about care provided to persons with disabilities. Telephone: 800-552-3962.

Confused? Contact your local Ombudsman for help!

Regulatory Agencies

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  • The Eden Alternative - This national, nonprofit organization works to change how care is provided to elders by creating quality of life for Elders and their care partners. This site provides a wealth of information about person-directed principles and practices in recognition of individual needs regardless of where one lives.
  • The Green House Project - This site provides information on the innovative Green House Model of providing care in a manner that creates real homes and meaningful living for elders. It has a section to search for Green House locations.
  • The Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute - This national organization seeks to improve the quality of care services by promoting a quality direct-care workforce. The 'resource’ page has useful training for direct care providers and also training modules for care recipients engaged in consumer-directed care on how to choose, hire and supervise your personal care assistant.
  • The Pioneer Network - This national organization works to create home and community for elders by changing the culture of long term care from institutional provider models to more consumer-driven models. You may find the ‘For Consumers’ sections particularly helpful.
  • Virginia Culture Change Coalition
  • Consumer Voice's Fact Sheet: Culture Change in Nursing Homes

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  • Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc. - CMA is a national non-profit group with a special focus on Medicare beneficiaries and their needs. Providing an array of information throughout the site, you may find the ‘Topic’ section particularly helpful.
  • Medicare Rights Center - The Center is a national, nonprofit service organization focused on access to quality care for elders and individuals with disabilities. They provide counseling, advocacy, and educational programs. If you have questions about Medicare, you may find their national Helpline helpful.
  • - The Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare
  • For Complaints About Services Paid for by Medicare contact the Virginia Health Quality Center Consumer helpline at 1-800-545-3814.